Specializing in road safety, crash avoidance technology, regulatory system analysis, fleet safety management methods, environmental impact and societal value of truck transportation.

Woodrooffe Dynamics

Woodrooffe Dynamics is an international authority on road safety, truck-related policy matters, size and weight regulation and vehicle dynamics. Using scientific methods supported by crash and transportation databases and computer simulation, we provide solutions focused on vehicle and fleet safety performance, regulatory development and environmental impact of commercial vehicles.

We are expert in vehicle configuration development, crash avoidance and connected vehicle technology integrated with fleet management practice and regulation for improved transport safety, productivity and decarbonisation. We are world leaders in evaluating the impact of truck transportation in the context of safety, productivity, fuel use and the environment.

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Profile: John Woodrooffe

Research Scientist Emeritus University of Michigan and Principle of Woodrooffe Dynamics. John has more than 35 years of experience in vehicle-related research and innovation.


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